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Education and research

Education and program

In relation to art, Residence Botkyrka develops the educational work for increasing local participation. Educational projects will be created in close relationship with the residing artists as well as separately.

Through Residence Botkyrka there is an opportunity to support and empower youth in their creative process. Botkyrka konsthall has been running a mentorship program with the aim of guiding those who wish to enter an art academy. We see Residence Botkyrka as yet another way of achieving these goals. With artists working on site, there are unique possibilities of getting a close view of the artistic process, something that could both activate and inspire.

Information about the educational projects and programs of Residence Botkyrka will always be available on the website, where there will also be documentation of finished projects as well as ongoing ones.

Research and publications
The Multicultural Centre (MKC) in Fittja has the national task of doing migrational research in Sweden. Here you can find knowledge about migration and cultural diversity in the present and the past. MKC has been up and running for over twenty years and as part of their program they are reconnecting a part of the work to older research, constantly putting together mosaic pieces of the development of Sweden’s contemporary society. A big part of their activities contains publicly funded and commissioned research. They have an interdisciplinary profile with an ethnographic approach and the results of their research are presented in publications and exhibitions.

MKC will be an important source for the residing artists. Many contemporary artists have big interest in the type of research and knowledge that is found on MKC. It can later on be turned into a variety of artistic expressions; sculpture, drawing, painting, video, text works, audio works, etc.


Foto: Andrej Markiewicz


In parallel with the invited artists, Residence Botkyrka is planning on inviting researchers and other professionals to throw light upon and problematize the activities, through lectures, seminars and workshops. It can relate both to the subjects of MKC as well as sustainability, urban planning, architecture, cultural theory or art.

Residence Botkyrka plans follow-up research of the activities of the residence program in which researchers will be connected to follow and analyse. We imagine that it will be important to share the collected knowledge and experience we have gathered within Residence Botkyrka in a few years and hope to be a source of inspiration. It can relate to the ways we have been working with art and developed the public space but also to our working methods in our educational projects. This can result in for example publications, but also lectures and workshops.


Residence Botkyrka is run by Botkyrka konsthall, with support from The Foundation for the Culture of the Future, in collaboration with the City Planning Department in the municipality of Botkyrka, the Multicultural Centre and the housing corporation Botkyrkabyggen.