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The residency program

The Residency Program

What is a residency program? Around the world there are several residency programs and new ones are created. They exist for different reasons but what they have in common is the wish to activate a place with artistic exchange and create room for creativity. A residency program can also be a social place, a meeting place, where artists can meet each other but also an audience. Residence Botkyrka is a place like that.

Residence Botkyrka is a context-based residency program for internationally active artists, curators and architects who are interested in working site specifically. Residence Botkyrka is exploring new forms of art in the public space and is supporting projects that are hard to make without a longer stay. Residence Botkyrka wants to create good conditions for artistic freedom and develop the local participation.

The residency program is still new and we are continuously inviting artists. But is it also possible to contact us if you are interested in visiting the residency. The length of the staying varies between one and three months. Depending on how the work develops it is also possible to come back for a follow-up stay.

The apartment is situated in one of the collaborators Botkyrkabyggen’s apartments in Fittja. It has two bedrooms and a living room. Sometimes the apartment is hosting two artists at the same time and you will have to share the kitchen and bathroom.




The studio is located at the Multicultural centre, where you have migration researchers within an arm’s length of whose work and network you can easily take part of. The Tavern at the Multicultural centre is a perfect place for lunch and coffee meetings. A very appreciated lunch buffet is served here.


Photo: John Håkansson

Residence Botkyrka is run by Botkyrka konsthall, with support from The Foundation for the Culture of the Future, in collaboration with the City Planning Department in the municipality of Botkyrka, the Multicultural Centre and the housing corporation Botkyrkabyggen.